The dental business education program is an interactive online program that guides participant dentists through the process of applying different business models to their business or practice vision. Participants first identify the desired outcome, then design a business model that helps achieve that outcome. The model is tested through simulation to see how different decisions impact financial statements and the attainment of business goals.

Course Objectives

1. Introduction to the Entrepreneur Dentist
2. Identify and assess dental career and business opportunities
3. Develop an action plan for a career path and goals
4. Learn and create business plans, branding, and marketing strategies
5. Develop skills to analyze current market players
6. Plan how to launch your start-up idea
7. Define and summarize entrepreneurial leadership role and communication skills as a business owner/entrepreneur dentist
8. Build a team that reflects and shares strategic intent, mission, vision, and goals
9. Formulate and evaluate financial documents using Microsoft excel
10. Identify different growth strategies
11. Learn about Accelerators and Incubators
12. Learn how to create an elevator pitch
13. Learn how to raise investments
14. Understanding Valuation in dentistry